About Fort Knox Capital

Progressive Funding Source For Tomorrow’s Need

We are a team of Bankers, Equity consultants and Private investors with surplus capital seeking to divest funds to the right projects. We look at every project equally and assess potential risks, return, exposure, equity, market location and trend. We focus on the positive aspects of the proposed application to drive the underwriting process.

The typical FDIC insured banks out there may offer a benefit to some projects that fit their exposure which are very minimal and we do very well with our partnering FDIC banks. However, there are many projects or funding request that do not fit their criteria due to the exposure to their depositors and its insurance company which is the FDIC. This is where many other projects, individuals and corporations alike seek a funding source that can tolerate the risk or exposure with little to no red tape.

To partner with business professionals and investors alike, seeking funding that will leverage their finances for maximum growth.

Let us review your loan scenario or project..

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