Referral partners

We welcome broker and referral partners that truly want to assist their client’s best interests.

We work with many referral partners, CPA’s, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, Realtors, Bankers and Mortgage professionals alike. 

A large amount of CPA’s are relied upon their clients and CFO’s of small and medium cap businesses to it’s shareholders to rely on a funding source that can provide solutions to there financial concerns.

Financial advisors are routinely seeking bridge financing for their clients that need temporary financing for real estate portfolio and/or business expansion financing.

From time to time w assist Insurance agents that have clients of High Net worth and as a service like to make sure their clients are well taken cared for with their financing needs.

Residential and Commercial Realtors rely and appreciate a funding source that can provide a seamless and expedited funding of all transactions they are apart of. And rightfully so, they have provide sweat equity for their time and services and need to make sure all of this is protected.

There is no one Bank that can fund on every application that crosses their desk. Great Bankers network with many Lending partners.

Just like Bankers, there is no one mortgage professional that can secure funding on every scenario. Mortgage Pro’s owe it to their client to provide them options, the good, bad and ugly. 

Our Mission

To partner with business professionals and individuals alike seeking funding that will leverage their finances that will maximize their growth.

  • Advise applicants their best course of action — and fund on projects that make sense for all parties.
  • Diversify risk appropriately and maximize our investors ROI to projects that can benefit the greatest. 
  • Speed — to review each applicants project and/or objective with no delay for the sake of the project.
  • Find a solution to a project that otherwise would have financing difficulties with traditional lenders.
  • Advise clients that seek a plan or solution to retire with a yearly income matching or exceeding what they currently earn. 
  • Propose alternatives to business owners that seek to reduce employee turnover, increase business assets and worth.

Let's talk..

We offer free consultations for all products and services. We will help you think through your
ideas and provide examples for how we can fund your request.

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